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Amazing 2BR Apartment in Sky Tower Available for Rent!

AED 130,000
Rent | 2 beds | 4 baths | 1,719 sq ft | Location: Sky Tower
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About this Property:

Al Reem Island, is a residential, commercial and business development located on the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi city. It is considered to be one of the major developments in Abu Dhabi. it covers an area of 633 hectares (68 million square feet) and is being built by 3 main developers Tamouh Investments owns 60%, Sorouh Abu Dhabi owns 20% and Al Reem Investments owns the remaining 20%. The development is overseen by an independent third-party facilities management company known as Bayt Al Khidma. The development is connected to Abu Dhabi city by 2 or 3 bridges and located 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport 5 minutes away from Abu Dhabi down town. Al Reem Island is an ideal place for families and business people as it offers residential apartments for rent and apartments for sale varies from 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 2 plus 1 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 3 plus 1 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms. As well as it offers commercial properties that is well known amongst people with its high standards and finishing. Al Reem Island is an investment zone offering locals and experts freehold opportunity. All major UAE banks provide financing plans for people who wish to buy in Al Reem Island properties.The island is estimated to accommodate 280 thousands residents and will include important amenities like schools, medical clinics, shopping malls, restaurants, a 27-hole golf course, hotels, resorts, spas, gardens, and beaches. Moreover all buildings and properties in Al Reem Island are based on central A/C systems.
At the Sky Tower, residents and workers are assured of a prestigious space that sets the ultimate standards in luxury and convenience. The Sky Tower which is developed by Sorouh Abu Dhabi creates a new perspective on life, with spectacular panoramic views of the Gulf and Abu Dhabi Island. This striking 74-storey elliptical edifice combines residential and commercial space assembled vertically around a central core. Clean modern lines and quality finishes define the interior spaces, while state-of-the-art amenities underwrite the lifestyle offering. Residents and workers in Sky tower are assured of a space that sets the ultimate standards in luxury and convenience to live in sky tower at Al Reem Island. Separate entrance lobbies for office in sky tower tenants and residents reflect their respective functions through innovative and thoughtful design, but are united in creating awe-inspiring entrances to the premises. The corporate lobby serving office tenants and their visitors exudes a strikingly professional tone with its cool tailored color palette.