Property Management

Property Management – Lease Management



Benefits of Lease Management:

To make sure that our records are up to date, we require the following documents for Lease Renewal :

    • Offer the units to prospective tenants
    • Receive the rent on behalf of the Landlord
    • Deposit the rent into the Landlords accounts
    • Receiving the unit on the Landlords behalf from the Developer and previous Tenants.
Providing valuable advice to the landlord in regards to the unit
Advising the Landlord with Market Status and Pricing
Implement the best Marketing Strategy
Conduct viewings on the unit
Renting out the unit in timely manner without delay
Handling insurance and finalizing Leasing Contracts
Handling renewal and termination of contracts
Legalizing the contracts with the related authorities and as per the regulations
Manage arranging Cleaning Services for the unit(s)
Collecting Rental payments and security Deposits
Authenticating contracts when required including Tawtheeq
Deposing payments into Landlord accounts
Insuring a smooth move-in and move-out of the tenants in a timely manner
Inspect the unit before and the tenant moves-in and moves-out and when it’s vacant
Liaise between the old and new tenants to ensure the unit is vacated on time
Authorizing the release of security deposits if applicable
Manage the required clearances to transfer the water, electricity, cooling chiller etc.
Inspect the leased unit twice a year within the occupancy period to ensure the tenant is in the unit and maintaining the unit in a good condition
Representing the Landlord in Municipality and Governmental authorities
Update the Landlord on a regular basis on the status of the unit
Manage the maintenance checkup for the unit prior to occupancy by the new tenants
Advise Landlord about the related issues pertaining to the unit
Handing all inquiries and complaints related to the unit
Manage the preventive maintenance contract and ensure that is the place for a full year

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